A family of four individuals

The CHC Family stands for individuality, authenticity and personality.

Each of our city hotels has a unique personality, a distinctive character, and its own highly motivated team. And though each hotel is unique – thanks to the diverse locations and individual details – in one aspect they are all the same: their reflection of the CHC philosophy.

We don't just rent rooms: we transport our guests to a place where they feel comfortable and secure. A stay at one of our hotels from the Classic Hotel Collection provides an unforgettable interlude of exceptional living. Our guests leave our facilities having experienced a whole new level of warmth and hospitality.

One heart and one soul – the CHC family and its employees

To achieve this, we need employees who put their heart and soul into their work. Their hospitality is not just limited to our guests; it is reflected in the entire hotel atmosphere. All our CHC City Hotels employ people who excel at their jobs by putting their unique personalities into their work and contributing something valuable to the hotel day-to-day.

It is not only our guests whose well-being we feel responsible for. All of our employees, suppliers and business partners are important to us as well. We cherish the joy and enthusiasm associated with the work done in and around our hotels, and we are constantly touched when we experience the warmth within the CHC family.